Pendeba Society's Programs

The Pendeba Society focuses on three top priorities of the communities living in QNNP:

  • Environment conservation
  • Preventive health care
  • Eco-tourism income generation

Other priorities include how to sustain, how to promote self-reliance, and how to scale up the Pendeba program.

Each Pendeba increases local capacity by helping entire villages identify sustainable solutions for environmental, health, and livelihood challenges. Pendeba training is brought to villages through formal and informal teaching and word-of-mouth exchanges.

In 2009, with great instruction from government partners and substantial financial aid and technical support from Future Generations, the Pendeba Society has trained a total of 276 Pendebas in QNNP.

The Pendebas are leading their community and enthusiastically solving problems with their own knowledge. They are improving their own circumstances, protecting natural resources, promoting health care of the mother and child, and expanding the sources of income generation.

As the program continues and is further developed and promoted with the community's active engagement, the relationship between ecological conservation and community development is addressed.

The Pendeba Society's working strategy:

  • The Pendeba society scales up program through establishing group of Pendebas in QNNP fulfilling their goal and objectives.
  • The Pendeba Society works in partnership with local community, Government line agencies and INGO.
  • In order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the management Pendeba Society focuses on:
    • Establishing multi-disciplinary professional teams to support Pendebas and community.
    • Decentralizing the management, administration, and decision-making authority at the county Pendeba coordinating committee, Technical and managerial support for Pendeba group and external affairs such as planning, reporting, evaluation, communication with donor agencies, coordination with partners will be provided from Pendeba society liaison office.
    • Project input focusing on organizational leadership, technical and managerial skills of the committees, Pendebas\groups and development of Pendeba society.

Achievements: Enhancing the peoples’ consciousness about conservation, health care, and income generation is crucial for sustainable development. Therefore the QNNP has become the world's first and largest nature preserve that is being managed by local people.

Through the Pendeba Program, the Pendeba Society's partner organization, Future Generations has worked in cooperation with the regional government and other organizations achieving major conservation successes in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Through the Pendeba's efforts, the life and healthcare of communities are improving in areas such as: mother and child care, environment sanitation, and  micro-income generations.


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