You are herePendeba Society participated in the China Charity Forum (2014)

Pendeba Society participated in the China Charity Forum (2014)

By pendeba - Posted on 22 August 2014

On August 16, 2014, the China Charity Forum (2014) kicked off its opening ceremony at Beijing International Convention Center. The Forum is hosted by China Charity Alliance, supported by Lao Niu Foundation, and participated by a number of national and international organizations and experts. The Forum is themed “Open a philanthropy era,” and underlined by contemporary keywords like “Reformation, Innovation and Sustainability.” Through keynote speeches and high-level dialogues, the forum aimed to bring in ideas and discuss the trend of global philanthropy developments, and how to improve China’s philanthropy in the context of comprehensive reforms. The forum started its main topic on “Create Shared Value,” while the parallel forums in the afternoon included four sub forums: the Global Charity Forum, the China City Charity Forum, the Social Relief Forum, and the Youth Charity Forum. The corresponding themes are: Open a New Era of Chinese-Foreign Charity Cooperation, Charity and City Governance Innovation, Social and Political Cooperation for New Social Relief, and Kind Youth Makes a Better Philanthropy in China. 

Mr. Tesring Norbu, Exective Director of the Pendeba Society was honored to be invited to this Forum, and actively participated in the sub forum of the Global Charity Forum: Open a New Era of Chinese-Foreign Charity Cooperation. During the sub forum, together with other experts and representatives of renowned charities, Norbu discussed how China’s philanthropy could reach out beyond China, collaborate with international charity organizations, and actively participate to support international philanthropy causes. Focused on “what China can contribute to global philanthropy,” a number of guests exchanged their ideas, and all agreed that philanthropy could serve as a bridge to international communication. 

In the meantime, during the Forum, the Pendeba Society was able to spread its impact, share its success stories and plans, and enhance its future collaborations. The Pendeba Society is very much appreciative of the invitation from the forum organizer, especially Lao Niu Foundation, and looks forward to deepening our Pendeba program and contributing to the overall sustainable development of the region we serve.