You are hereThe Pendeba Society Awarded as Outstanding Organization for 4.25 Earthquake Relief Contribution

The Pendeba Society Awarded as Outstanding Organization for 4.25 Earthquake Relief Contribution

By pendeba - Posted on 28 October 2015

On Sept 28, 2015, the celebration on 50-year anniversary of the establishment of TAR as well as 4.25 earthquake relief contribution award ceremony was held in Shigatse City. Governmental representatives from TAR attended the event and delivered keynote speech that emphasized on the long-term social and economic development of TAR.

At the event, the deputy secretary of Shigatse City, Mr Dai Jingbin announced the award for outstanding organizations and individuals who contributed to the 4.25 earthquake relief. The secretary of the city, Mr Danzeng Langjie, on behalf of the government, congratulated on the awarded organizations and individuals, and expressed gratitude to those who contributed to earthquake relief efforts. The Pendeba Society with honor was awarded as one of the outstanding organizations for our contribution to the earthquake relief.

We belief that with support from the government as well as other public and private supporters, people who suffered from the disaster will soon return to normal life and rebuild homelands. As a locally nourished grassroots NGO, we, the Pendeba Society, are resolved to take responsibilities to spare no effort to help out those who suffered and build our homeland together.

Last but not least, we are very much appreciative of the support we received from many fellow organizations from across the country. The Gansu Association for NGO Cooperation (GANPO), ONE Foundation and Beijing Solar Valley Foundation have supported us in donating tents, rice, blankets, shoes, tea, butter and other necessary disaster relief materials, with a total worth of 1.86 million yuan. In the meantime, we also received generous support from the governments of Shigatse City, Tingri County, Nyalam County and Gyerong County in the course of relief material distribution in the disaster impacted villages.