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New Wetland Conservation Project Funded by LAO NIU Foundation Again

By pendeba - Posted on 31 December 2016

Lao Niu Foundation LogoDear colleagues and supporters of the Pendeba Society,

We are pleased to announce a good news that the Pendeba Society was awarded a grant of 1 million Chinese yuan from LAO NIU Foundation again. The grant will be designated for the wetland conservation demonstration project in QNNP. By holding community meetings to assess communities’ actual needs, the project will help lay out village regulations on wetland conservation and promote floodplain wetland grassland rotational management plans. In doing so, we will create buffering time for wetland to restore and formulate continued mechanism for sustainable wetland resource management. In consideration of free movement for wildlife, certain areas of wetland habitats of ecological importance will be protected by setting up enclosures to reduce negative impacts of human activities.  

The project will also integrate traditional cultural and religious practices in Tibet that worship the Mother Nature, publishing informative brochures to promote the importance of wetland conservation, wetlands’ ecosystem services and their diverse values. The project will select 30 villages and schools in QNNP that are surrounded by rich wetland resources to distribute the brochures, hold environmental education targeted at both adults and children, and promote bottom-up environmental protection strategies. The project will also collaborate with local temples, and help promote the wetland conservation during religious and cultural festivals. The wetland along Pengqu River near the Holy Mountain Tsiburi will be our focused protection site where we will help pass on the cultural heritage endowed with awe for the Nature, raise local villagers’ awareness of wetlands’ importance, and ensure effective conservation of wetland resources. 

The project will also work with local communities to build water sheets and water courses to channel water for wetlands. We will mobilize local communities to actively participate in our projects through various incentives in order to better ward and restore fragile wetland ecosystems at high altitudes. The project aims to increase water supplies to wetlands during the wet season without affecting local communities’ domestic water use and irrigation. Through water supply and setting up enclosures, we expect the wetlands to be better restored and protected.       

Differentiated from the traditional work model that is unilaterally directed by the government, our project will apply a model of "Three-Way Partnership" that mobilizes the community to participate in the project. Three-way partnership involves "bottom-up" initiative from communities, "top-down" support from government agencies, and "outside-in" training and support from organizations. With local knowledge from the villagers, the project will promote synergy among the three partners for effective protection of wetlands in QNNP. The project will serve as a demonstration project for future conservation efforts and projects as well.

The project is generously funded by and received guidance from LAO NIU Foundation. The first phase of the wetland conservation project, also funded by LAO NIU Foundation, was a success, and earned acknowledgement and praise from local government agencies, who also tried to duplicate the success in other protected areas. In the meantime, the project also helps strengthen the professional team of the Pendeba Society, through which new staff of the Pendeba Society will be trained and contribute to QNNP’s environmental protection. 

Last but not the least, we extend our genuine gratitude to LAO NIU Foundation for their long-lasting support and guidance! May our future thrive with blue skies, green mountains and clean waters!