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Health and Hygiene

Preventive Health Care Activities 

The Pendeba Society’s first priority is skills and education. We provide preventive health care related skill training in the field and develop training materials accordingly.

Training material help Pendebas as they work in and help their communities. The material tells how to balance the many duties of the Pendeba, how to focus on better relations with health services, and also how to draw attention to other aspects of social development.

In health care, we focus on preventive health care awareness in the home and community so that people can take better care of themselves. The trend in health care is often to make cases more complicated and to make more use of hospitals. But the Pendebas effort places more priority on care by the mother, families and the village. 

We train Pendebas how to carry out the following roles: demonstrating sincere motivation to serve the community, training the mothers, developing action plans and working as partners with community participation and local government, and implementing basic health care services activities such as:

  1. Safe motherhood and pregnancy care
  2. Immunization
  3. Family planning 
  4. Nutrition, preventing Vitamin A deficiency and anemia
  5. Sanitation
  6. Preventing Diarrhea, pneumonia, and tuberculosis
  7. Referring patients to the health post
  8. Seed Scale approach